21 February 2020,
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Bali and Slukat

Bali, August 2013

The photos are made in our vacation. We did voluteer work at Slukat (SLC) and also visited many sites at Bali.
see: www.slukat.org or facebook Slukat
This picture shows Emil teaching in SLC1.

mount batur
We climbed Mount Batur early in the morning to see sunrise, but it was too gloudy. Nevertheless is was an amazing experience to climb an active vulcano.

lotus garden
We visited Ubud, a city of artists, craftsmen and tourists.
The Lotus Cafe is close to Puri Saren Agung and Starbucks.

ubud rice fields
Walking just outside Ubud between the rice fields.

black beach
The beach of Keramas, near Slukat, has black sand.

beach mount agung
The beach of Keramas with Mount Agumg on the background, Mount Agung is visible everywhere on Bali.

nusa lembongan
To Nusa Lembongan by speedboad looks like a very long rollercoaster ride. The island itself is beautiful and relaxing.

shells bali
I loved the shells on the beaches of Keramas, Kuta and Samur!

slukat certificates
At the end, we got a certicate from Mrs. Agung for helpimg in the Slukat program.

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