21 February 2020,
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Cycling near Delft


Early in the morning the shadows are still long.

view on delft
View on Delft. This picture was taken from the Kandelaar bridge over the Schie canal close to Schiedam.

t woudt
't Woudt in Midden-Delfland.

From Delft to Kwintsheul and vise versa, takes me an hour of cycling.

From Delft to the border of Maassluis and vise versa, is a nice journey of green houses, meadows and a lot of water.

flowering rush
Butomus umbellatus or flowering rush, is a protected species but can be found everywhere in Midden-Delftland.

yellow iris
Yellow iris or Iris pseudacorus can be found in and around small canals.

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