21 February 2020,
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terrace morning
Kufstein, April 2018

These pictures are of my visit of Laurie studying in Kufstein.
This picture shows the local terraces early in the morning.

love locks
The Inn flows is along this very old city. The bridge in the center of the city is covered with love locks.

walking signs
Kufstein is the starting point for many nice hiking and walking routes. We went to the Gaisgraben waterfalls. It was too warm (28 ℃) for the though routes.

It was hard in the heat, but very beautiful.

This brook ends in the Gaisgraben waterfalls, the latter is not shown.

We went to Munich, which is only one hour by train. Also in Munich (re-)construction of buildings is taking place. On the background are the towers of the Frauenkirche.

This painting of Gauguin I like very much. The Birth of Christ (1896), Te tamari no atua. The Neue Pinakothek has more paintings from famous impressionists. We also went to the moderne Pinakothek (Warhol, Willem de Kooning) and also design such as Rietveld chairs.

The fortress is visible day and night, even from the window of my hotel room. This picture looks like an Edward Hopper

terrace night
The terraces are already crowded in April.

Franzl Lang singing the famous Kufsteiner Lied.

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