21 February 2020,
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oxford street
London, August 2011

These pictures are made during our week in London,
This is Oxford street, which means shopping, especially Primarkt, cheap and a lot of choise.

emil matulewicz andy warhol
Madame Tussauld: waiting for hours before entring followed by watching wax people also in the crowd. I meet Andy Warhol.

I thought that more crowdy than at Madame Tussaud was impossible, but Cleopatra in the British museum attracted even more people.

big ben
Walking along the Thames seeing Big Ben, House of Parliament, London Eye and Modern Tate.

Modern Tate offers from Matisse, Monet to Gilbert and George. I wanted to see works of Rothko, but I was not swallowed by his paintings.

millenium bridge
Across the Millenium Bridge to St. Paul.

just married
A happy couple

At home the telephone boxes are disappeared, but in London they are everywhere.

It was a tropical week, more drinks were consumed in front of the pub rather than inside.

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