21 February 2020,
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Los Angeles, LA

hollywood sign
Los Angeles, July 2012

The photos are made in our vacation
Here is the Hollywood sign which we could see from our Hollywood Hotel.
This picture was taken from the Griffith observatory.

down town
We walked/climbed from Los Feliz to the observatory in the heat. The view from the Griffith park is beautiful.

metro bus
We walked a lot or else took the Metro bus, the Dash bus or the subway, which are well organized and thus a cheap way of transportation. We travelled in this way to LAX, Pasadina, Santa Monica or for just shopping. You can take your bicycle with you.

hollywood tour
We visited the stars in Beverly Hills.

walk of fame
Most of the many Stars of the Walk of Fame were unknown to us.

hollyood museum
The Hollywood museum had an exposition on Marilyn Monroe showing her naked as well as her life as star.

paramount studios
A visit to the Paramount Studios learned us on the famous movies and shows that were shot over there with Marilyn Monroe, Lucy Ball and nowadays Dr. Phil and Glee.

santa monica
The beach of Santa Monica is enormous as is swimming in the Pacific.

degas girl dancer
I was very surprised to see the fourteen year old girl dancer of Degas in the Norton Simon museum in Pasadena. This museum was loaded with a lot of famous European painters such as Rembrandt, van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Gauguin, Cezanne and a many works of Degas. We should have stayed longer!

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