21 February 2020,
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ENELEX INNOVATION is an intellectual property (IP) firm specialised in LIFE SCIENCES, based in Delft, close to the Rijswijk branche of the European Patent Office. If you need a Dutch or European patent attorney with many years of experience in the field of microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology or supplementary protection certificates (for medicinal products and plant protection products) please do not hesitate to contact us. The services of Enelex Innovation include: drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications (worldwide), representation before the European Patent Office or the Dutch Industrial Property office, general patent advice, patent litigation. Please contact Dr. Patricia Ringeling, Dutch and European patent attorney at www.enelex.com

Tantiri is a circular company specialized in reuse and upgrading of paper. Tantiri uses residual paper in many different ways ways, for example for bookbinding, paper making, vases, bowls, jewelery and decorative hangers. Products from our studio are offered for sale in the Etalagefabriek Delft. Tantiri wants to make people aware of the possibilities of paper reuse. That is why we offer workshops in which trainees recycle their own paper and process it in original products. Both products and workshops are fun to give as a gift. Tantiri also gives guest lectures on recycling at schools and at companies. Do you want to help Tantiri? Getting work experience? Re-enter in a quiet way? It is possible. Creativity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand here www.tantiri.com

Creatieve workshops
If you live in the neighbourhood of Delft and would like to learn papier maché processing, email me and we can run a workshop or provide private tuition for a group of children or adults.
Learn the skills to create a nice piece of craftmenship.
Or perhaps you fancy giving a gift voucher to a friend or relative.
Let me know what suits you and we can provide the paper work to give a unique gift.
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